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Nick Mason’s drumsticks in VAM

Do you want to win or to buy?

20 сен 2017 - The first pair
Do you want to win a pair of drumsticks signed by Nick Mason, drummer of Pink Floyd? Share with us your favourite @pinkfloyd memory!

29 сен 2017 - The second pair
We're giving away another pair of drumsticks signed by Nick Mason, drummer of Pink Floyd. Share with us your favourite @pinkfloyd memory!

12 окт 2017 - Two pairs more
Last chance! For the closing week of TheirMortalRemains we are giving away TWO pairs of drumsticks signed by @pinkfloyd drummer Nick Mason.

Nick Mason a Promark player since 1987

The sticks are custom made to my playing. Right weight, length and profile. Also the artwork on them has the band logo and my signature, so it would be hard to think of anything better!

Палочки сделаны лично для меня. Правильный вес, длина и форма. Кроме того, у них есть логотип группы и моя подпись, поэтому было бы трудно придумать что - то лучше!

USA MADE - Хьюстон, Техас, США - Promark (1957) / D'Addario (1974)

Древесина - Hickory

Были ли в продаже в реальном и интернет магазинах музея V & A?

The Pink Floyd Exhibition: Their Mortal Remains - a first look

Pink Floyd / Their Mortal Remains / SDE V&A exhibition preview

Pink Floyd: Their Mortal Remains (hardback) имеет музейный код 149817

Pink Floyd plush pig toy идёт с кодом 149499

Pink Floyd, The Early Years van replica был с кодом 150351

Pink Floyd paperweight имел код 149730

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